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A Thorough Approach

Our team's work comprises decades' worth of experience, and we’re on the pulse of modern engineering solutions. Each member of our team brings unique perspective to the table where we collaborate to achieve solutions and excellent results.

Road Constuction


Value & Performance

Civil engineering is at the heart of Common Oak Engineering. The principles of sound and effective civil engineering provide the basis for the development services we offer our clients. We design our projects with a mindset of function and value. From conception through design the principles of civil engineering ensure a solidly working development for the user and a sound investment for the owner.

Legal Aid


Planning Ahead

We are experts in due diligence and project feasibility. Our reports identify a project's feasibility from an entitlement and cost perspective. Our customers use our due diligence reports to better understand the intricacies of their project, and to avoid pitfalls and unforeseen challenges. Reliable due diligence creates the template for a successful development.

Business Meeting


Timely & Thorough

Proactive communication and persistence best describe the mentality that is required to permit a project in a timely manner. Months of scheduling delay can be avoided with the proper permitting skills and mindset. We approach each project with this knowledge and the ability and commitment to deliver.

Construction Workers


Quality & Care

Common Oak Engineering will perform  construction inspections of its specified work as required for project completion certifications.

Forest in Nature


High Performance

At Common Oak Engineering, we design beautiful and effective landscape and irrigation systems harmonious with its environment and appealing to the owner. Depending on the preference of the owner, we can design landscaping beautiful enough for a resort, or simple enough to meet code with the owner’s budget in mind.

Open Laptop


Commitment & Vision

Planning services are ever increasing with the myriad of Planning & Zoning and Council boards required to be addressed during the land entitlement processes.  Common Oak Engineering has professionals with successful experience navigating these planning tasks, with extensive public speaking and expert witness testimony experience.

Our Services: Our Services
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